Dynamics 365 Customer Service macros – Update case field values

This is the second post of this series, if you are not familiar with the Agent scripts and Macros, you can check out the previous article for a step by step tutorial on how to configure Macros and Agent Scripts.

Since we have already discussed the background in the previous post, let’s dive right into the scenario.

I need to run a macro and update existing case values to below:

  1. Title : “Case Update Macro Test”
  2. Priority : High
  3. Status Reason : Pending
  4. Description : “This is a sample description for a case update “

We now need to get the existing case ID in order to update the case record using the macro.

We can use the ${anchor} slug for this. This is a context parameter that refers to the current record.

Since we need to point the macro to the existing case, we can use below syntax:

${anchor.<EntityId>} – This will point to the entity record that is opened in the session


Read post on getting the logical name values for columns.

Now let’s create the macro.

  1. Go to Macros screen and Add new macro
  2. Name this “Update Existing Case”
  3. Below is the Macro configuration

4. Save and close the macro

5. Go to Agent Scripts > Add new and fill in the details

6. Add new Agent Script Step. Select action type as “Macro” and select target macro

7. Go to Sessions. Open the relevant session template

8. Click “Add Existing Agent Script” and select the “Update Existing Case” script from the lookup

9. Time to test. Go to “Customer Support Workspace”. press “SHIFT” and click on any case.

10. Select “Update Existing Case” from Agent Script section.



In the next article, let’s discuss how we can configure macros on case email activities and case resolutions.

Happy Learning!

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