Data integration using webhooks/HTTP – Part 2 (sending data)

In my previous post, we discussed how to receive data from a webhook by a Power Automate flow. In this post, we can cover sending data to a third party system via HTTP. The flow could be triggered by any event such as create, edit, delete record, button click etc.

For this example, I am using Dynamics 365 CRM lead record creation as my event. My requirement is to send the new lead information to another endpoint that would consume this information.

Let’s begin the design..

  1. Create new automated flow
  2. Add the flow trigger as “When a record is created” (CDS Trigger). Select “Lead” as entity.

3. Add “HTTP” action and configure parameters accordingly. In below example, I have used as my test site. You can use any endpoint for this.

Note : If you use the “HTTP webhook” action instead of the “HTTP” action, this will also give the desired output. However, webhook requires subscribing and unsubscribing to an endpoint. After you subscribe to an endpoint and send data, flow will still be under “Running” status until you unsubscribe from that endpoint. This could lead to issues. Therefore, the best way is to use the “HTTP” action in such scenarios.

4. Add all variables you need to pass to the request body.

5. Add “Terminate” flow control.

6. Done. Let’s test this by creating a new lead in Dynamics CRM.

When sending records to a third party system from Dynamics CRM, use the same design and directly call new system API methods from this Power Automate flow. No complex code needed. This makes it much easier to implement data integration across systems.

Once you are familiar with the basics. You can create complex data integration solutions by extending this flow depending on the business requirements.

Happy Learning!

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