Quick tip – Get lookup record attributes using calculated fields

Let’s look at an example. In my opportunity form, there is an account lookup field. Sales manager requests that he needs to see the primary contact number of the account so that he can make the call from opportunity form.

We can easily do this using calculated fields in dynamics.

Step 1 – Add a new calculated field to opportunity

Select data type as “Phone”. You can use any type of data depending on the related record field that you need to show on the form.

Select “Calculated” from the “Calculated or rollup” dropdown. This will save the entity and open the calculation in another window.

Step 2 – Update calculation

Click on “Action” and simply what you have to do is follow below syntax:

<lookup field name>.<attribute name>

In this case, our lookup is parentaccountid and we can select the primary phone number from dropdown (Main Phone).

Save the calculation and it should look something like below. Now save and close the window.

Let’s add this new field to the opportunity form

Here is the result:

Sometimes, you may need to get fields from multiple entities in order to provide all necessary information to your users within one form. Calculated field is a powerful tool that enables you to access data across all related entities.

If carefully designed, you can implement complicated business logic using calculated fields.

Happy Learning!

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3 replies

  1. Wow Thank you!!! you have been as far the best explaining how to populate fields. I am new at this and you have been a lot of help.

    Could this be done on a business rule or a Flow? curious.



    • Hi Jessica, you cannot populate lookups using business rules. However, you can do this using flow. I selected calculated fields as they populate almost in real-time rather than a flow running in the background.



  1. Use business rules in dynamics to populate fields – PowerPlatform Solutions

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