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Transpose table columns using Power Automate (With example)

Power automate always works with defined column headers. Let’s take an example. Contoso uses a permission matrix to determine access provisioning based on employee role. Role Office365 Outlook Adobe License D365 Sales D365 Marketing Office Admin Yes Yes Sales Rep Yes Yes Sales Manager Yes Yes Yes CTO Yes Yes Yes HR manager wants to… Read More ›

Fixing Dynamics 365 Marketing Event Portal Loading Issues

I recently updated Dynamics 365 Marketing instance and installed the portal application. Here are the steps I followed to deploy the sample event portal: Power Apps portal hosted custom event website (Dynamics 365 Marketing Developer Guide) | Microsoft Docs I downloaded event portal zip file according to the application version and deployed it using DeployToDynamics365Instance.ps1… Read More ›

Dynamics 365 Customer Service macros – Update case field values

This is the second post of this series, if you are not familiar with the Agent scripts and Macros, you can check out the previous article for a step by step tutorial on how to configure Macros and Agent Scripts. Since we have already discussed the background in the previous post, let’s dive right into… Read More ›

How to copy planner tasks with labels using Graph API

I tried to create a flow that copies planner tasks from one plan to another and came across an issue where standard flow connectors did not support copying labels. I found that this could be implemented using graph API. Here are the steps: Prerequisites Create an app registration in Azure AD Follow the steps mentioned… Read More ›

Update current time and current user without using Javascript in model driven forms

Sometimes we need to capture field updates for audit purposes. Here is an example: Account form has a field for “Account Application Status” (Options – Approved/Rejected). In either case, we need to capture who approved/rejected the application and date/time. My first idea was to implement this using business rules. However, this cannot be implemented using… Read More ›

How I implemented 1-click clock-in/out feature in the “Return to the workplace” PowerApp

This is a challenging time for businesses as they are trying to operate under new health regulations/policies. Microsoft provides an all inclusive Power Apps solution free for businesses that they can use to effectively record, manage and monitor location readiness, employee health and facilities management. You can visit : to learn more about this… Read More ›

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