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Expandable Rich Text editor control in Power Apps

Data input should be simple and efficient in any application for the end users. This improves usability of the app and overall user experience. Today, we will learn how to make a rich text field expand in a modal box… Read More ›

Power Apps error handling in Power Automate actions

In any application, error messages should be displayed if there are any failed actions. These message should be meaningful and must explain the issue and possible cause for these errors to users. In this post, we will discuss how we… Read More ›

Get schedule of another Office365 user in PowerApps

Let’s look at a simple business requirement. Manager needs to know free/busy times for any selected user within the organization/team. Native PowerApps methods/functions do not support viewing another user’s calendar. Therefore, we need to create a custom connector for this…. Read More ›

Export PowerApps charts – Part 2

So far, we have discussed how we can pass canvas app chart values to flow and generate a printable HTML in SharePoint. I highly recommend that you read my previous post to understand the context. Now, our challenge today is… Read More ›

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