Flow is not passing integer values to PowerApps? This might help..

I got this question from one of the powerapps developers who had issues trying to pass a sharepoint list itemid(int) back to a canvas app using “Respond to a powerapp” action in flow. He was getting an empty value instead of a number inside the canvas app.

Let me re-create the same issue. Here, I am passing int values via flow into a simple canvas app that will show the flow output.

None of the values come up in the canvas app

After checking with the Microsoft support, they mentioned that this is a bug and they have escalated this to product team.

In the meantime, let’s look at an alternative way of passing integers from flow to canvas apps.

Use text field instead of number field

Flow can pass text values without any issues. You can add a text variable to “Respond to powerapps” action and assign the integer variable to this text field

Now you can see the value in canvas app

Convert this text to int using value function and use this int variable within powerapps.

This is more of a workaround until Microsoft fixes the flow action so that users can pass integers directly. Meanwhile, I hope this post would help in troubleshooting such cases.

Happy Learning!

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