RSS from trusted sources to prevent misinformation

COVID-19 has affected our lives in many ways and at many levels. Amidst of all this, another issue came into light and that was misinformation. Posts from untrusted sources circulated within chat groups and social media and this caused confusion and mass hysteria.

Most organizations use company-wide emails and updates to prevent misinformation and keep employees in the loop. In these emails, HR would mention trusted sources for employees such as Ontario government and Ministry of Health websites where anyone can get latest updates.

We can create your own customized newsfeed across the organization so that everyone will get updates directly to MS Teams from trusted sources.

You can configure RSS feeds from verified sources to post updates directly to a team. This is an easy configuration. Here are the steps:

1. Go to teams > Join or create a team

2. Create Org-wide team

3. Give a name to this team. In this case, my team would be “Company Newsfeed – Crisis Management”. Click “Create”.

( No need for steps #1-3 if you already have a team)

4. Now let’s setup the RSS connector.

Go to Teams > Apps and click on RSS (Utilities)

5. Click “Add to team” then select relevant team. Now click “Set up a connector”

6. This will show you a list of all connectors available under the team. Click “Configure” in RSS connector.

7. Give a name for the RSS feed and we then need the address of the feed. You can visit the relevant website and get the RSS feed address. It should be something like this:

8. Save the settings. You should see the new connector under RSS.

Now , we can see the updates in Company Newsfeed – Crisis Management > General channel

You can add multiple number of RSS feeds to this channel using above steps.

This will minimize confusion between team members since all information will be in one place. This will be really helpful if you are already using teams as your communications tool. Try configuring different sources so that you get a comprehensive news feed.

Happy Learning!

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